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A revolutionary festival uniting the dance world in a new experience for the audience.


International Dance League wants to increase the positive impact of the urban dance culture. We have devised a concept in which the professionalisation of the scene and the development and appreciation of dancers are central.


As seen on the homepage our goal is to be making the dance scene a stronger unity that is appreciated and welcoming for everybody.


The future of International Dance League is composed of various events, workshops and teachings about the urban dance community. Becoming the number one league for professional dancers worldwide.


It is the mission of the International Dance League to open up the street and club dance world and make it accessible to a wide audience, by involving them in transparent and authentic dance battles of high artistic quality.

Through dance we want to contribute to the development of self-expression, self-confidence and sense of belonging of individual visitors and dancers, and also to bring groups and cultures together in a community.

We strive for a professional infrastructure within the underground dance world and the battle circuit, in order to take dance as a genre to the next level and to contribute to the emancipation of these dance communities.


The best dancers in Europe come together in the International Dance League: a revolutionary platform that unites the urban dance world in a completely new dance experience for a broader audience. In a top-level international dance competition, today's best dancers and performers compete for the title of undisputed champion.

The International Dance League focuses on 3 pillars:

1. Main program: Impressive theater shows with battles
2. Audience experience: Street shows, workshops and urban theme weeks
3. Each One Teach One (talent development): training weeks, dramaturgical guidance, workshops and seminars


The dancers from different dance styles form teams, with which they train, choreograph and work towards the well-prepared and artistically high-quality showcases for two weeks. Due to their diverse composition, the teams all have their own character and are representative of many styles. Both within the teams and between the different teams, unexpected combinations and exciting crossovers take place on the battlestage. As a result, the presentations are always fresh and innovative and spectators are on the edge of their seats.

The International Dance League gives its own unique twist to the battle concept. We believe that hip-hop culture is open for everyone and should therefore be transparent. The battles therefore follow the rules of the underground, but are also explained and broken open, so that it becomes accessible to everyone. They are judged by the innovative and equal IDL judging system. The new dance competition is presented by the frontrunners of the Dutch street and club dance world.

Meet the team
Lars Bohte
Artist Handler & Marketing
Leal van Herwaarden
Chiel Smellink
Production Operator
Nikki Bos
Intern Event Management
Anthony Benjamin
Head of Production
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