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Current Total Prize Pool

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01 Music & Dance Styles

Choose one of these categories for your preselection:
- 1vs1 Hiphop
-1vs1 Open-Styles
- Dance on your own music style during the preselection! Also at all battles you will dance one round on your own music style and the other of your opponent.

Music styles you can choose from:

- 5vs5 crew Open-Styles (Open to all street and club dance styles)

02 Preselections & Team Selection

Battle Event 1 | 25.03.23 (preselection)
Battle Event 2 | 24.06.23 (preselection)
Battle Event 3 | 09.09.23 (main preselection & Team selection)

There is a ranking where you can score points at the first 3 battle events (March, June, September). You are able to participate in multiple 1vs1 categories to gain more points. The overall top 3 across all categories will have the power to choose which captain they want to join themselves! Even before the captains start picking team members 1 by 1. The teams go into intensive training towards the battle weekend.

Ranking Points
Preselection - 1 point
Top 16/24 - 2 points
Quarter Final - 4 points
Semi Final - 6 points
2nd Place - 8 points
1st Place - 10 points

Enter the league with your crew as a team in September/October. This year there will be 4 Adults captains and 4 new selected teams of selected individual dancers in September. The other two teams will be crews qualified during this season:

1. Ranking Team: the crew with the most ranking points this season (Battle event 1, 2 & 3) will be qualified as a team for October.

2. Main Qualifier Team: the crew that wins the 5vs5 Open-Styles battle on the 9th of September will be qualified as a team for October.

These 6 teams will battle for the title in the League in October.

All crews need to consist of 5 dancers and all need to be 18+ yrs.

Teenagers (12-17 yrs old & Dutch) can enter the League through the Solo Phase and have their own division in September & October. Teens have their own captains and own league.

The team captains will each complete their team of 5 dancers from the dancers through the preselection, at the end of battle event 3 in September.
All picked dancers already receive prize money after The Final.
€300 for the Adults & €100 for the Teens.

03 Training Program

Training Week | 14.10 til 22.10.2023

Training | From 10.09.2023 every sunday till 15.10.2023 + 19 til 21.10.20

Training | 10 & 11.09.2023 + 14.10 till 22.10.2023

Workshops, talks and street shows. Team training in freestyle and routines, photo/video shoots and (street) show. International Dance League provides dance studios, hostel stays, a meal and covers travel costs for the dancers

04 Battle Weekend

Semi Finals 1 | 20 & 21.10.2023

The 30 best dancers in both divisions will compete against each other for a spot in The Final!

The teams also do a fully choreographed showcase of 2-3 minutes, which they perform at 1 of the first 2 battle events. For the showcases, the teams also receive points that add up to the points for the battles. The top 4 gets to do their showcase again in The Final.

The top 4 teams in the ranking will enter the finals and compete for the titles and prizes of International Dance League Champion 2023! With prizes for the best 3 battle teams, best showcase and best (individual) dancer.

The Final | 21.10.2023

Each team will battle all the other teams in the group ranking phase. The 4 highest placed teams in the ranking will enter the knockout phase, the final confrontation to decide the International Dance League Champion 2023, number 2 and 3.

05 Judging

Judged by 3 dance experts, all respected in the scene. 

06 Prize Money

Total €10.000+ price money

Top 30 selected dancers receive € ...,- per person

1st place - € ...,-
2nd place - € ...,-
3rd place - € ...,-

Best Showcase
€ ...,-

Crowd Favorite
€ ...,-

07 Time/routine limit

There are 3 rounds per team in each battle and 1 round is 1 minute per team. In each battle a team must do a routine at least 1 round, but maximum in 2 rounds. The rest of the time is solo freestyle dance.